Botanical Persuasion


Hair Mentored by Lorna Evans

Assisted by Kyleen Phillips

Photography by Jason Lau

Stylist : Daniielle Soglimbene

Designers: Kahlia-May Gepp,  Yang Tan,  Amanda Wise,  Julie Ung, Sinead Merrett

By Sydney TAFE Hairdressing Teachers and Make Up Students.

Flowers by Ultimo Floristry teachers

(Sydney TAFE is a training institution that includes hairdressing training for apprentices, vocational school students and qualified hairdressers)

Sydney TAFE Make up student – Vincent Wang  Sydney TAFE Teachers – Hairdressers – Trish Hoban & Shannon Lad Model – Jacqui Purvis


Sydney TAFE Make up student – Lorraine Hong Sydney TAFE Teachers – Hairdresser – Gail Watt
Sydney TAFE Make up student – Melanie Bertossi Sydney TAFE Teachers – Hairdressers – Billeigh Brunjes
Sydney TAFE Make up student – Natalie Ralston Sydney TAFE Teachers – Hairdresser – Donna Colombini
Sydney TAFE Make up student – Tahlia Ljubicic Sydney TAFE Teachers – Hairdresser – Luby Hastings
Sydney TAFE Make up student – Emma Matthews Sydney TAFE Teachers – Hairdresser – Angela Piaud



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