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Every Stylist Should Have…

For our teachers there are so many styles to teach and for students so much to learn. Introducing The Lorna Evans NEW Exclusive student ONLY Program.

This program is like no other in our industry. Teachers the aim of this program is to help you guide your students though the Long Hair Styling and Braiding units. You also get the best bit and that is to assess all their work, after they have completed each part of the program.

Whats You Need to Know About This Program

  • ✦ Mapped to the Long Hair Styling and Braiding Units

    ✦ Every student will receive a tool kit

    ✦ Tailored compact sessions that have matching pdf head sheets and step by steps

    ✦ Watch on your mobile phone, computer or tablet

    ✦ Connect with other students and ask all your questions on our community tab

    ✦ Upload your work to receive personalised participation certificates that you can either print out or share on your mobile phone

    ✦ Teachers now it’s your turn to assess and pass the students work.

    ✦ Basic sectioning to help control long hair

    ✦ Braids

    ✦ Classic & textured French rolls

    ✦ Twists

  • ✦ Chignon

    ✦ Modern finger waves

    ✦ High bun

    ✦ Make and work with padding

    ✦ Vintage rolls

    ✦ Blow drying to create curl, wave or volume

    ✦ Blow drying to straighten and smooth

    ✦ Hot Roller set

    ✦ Dry Moulding

    ✦ Back combing plus alternative methods

    ✦ How secure hair with bands and pins that are not visible the finished look

    ✦ Hair stitching

    ✦ Right product right finish


I will cover all the requirements to pass the Long Hair Styling and Braiding units and EVERY look is current to today’s hair Fashion.

  • What Teachers Are Saying

    As a seasoned educator in the Hairdressing industry I have created, seen, and used many training resources in the quest to impart the skills and knowledge to our up and coming artists.

    In using the Lorna Evans online education program, these key words come to mind. Inviting, Current, Polished, Stunning, yet simple.

    Lorna has thought of everything, from providing specific long hair tools to her learners, to evaluating work online, offering feedback and issuing certificates. Not to mention that this program has also been mapped to the Australian Hairdressing Training Package.

    The Lorna Evans Education program is a stand out online product. The videos are clear and the detail is easy to follow. This is supported with easy to use printable ‘pli’ sheets. At this time of uncertainty, the Lorna Evans online program is exactly what is needed to keep the learning happening and the inspiration flowing.

    Marcia Holt  M.Ed
    Education Manager
    Hairdressing, Barbering, and Screen and Media
    Faculty of Creative Industries & ICT
    Box Hill Institute Group

  • What Students Are Saying

    I have been an apprentice for over 6 years.

    I have struggled through the trade school curriculum and have not always been fortunate enough to receive one-on-one training. However I’ve always been so eager to learn and build my skills. I am so thankful that the opportunity to engage in the Lorna Evans Student Only Program has come along.

    This program has been so easy to follow, so informative, the website is easy to navigate, every tutorial is explained step by step and they haven’t left out a single detail.

    The pack of tools is incredible, and make achieving the great looks easy. There is constant feedback and online support, and they even give you certificates when you complete the looks!

    It’s amazing! My skill set and my confidence have grown so much, and so has my passion for styling, and the hairdressing industry.

    I’m so grateful.

    Thank you Lorna Evans and team !!

    Dana Allabadi

Exclusive to the school programe

Lorna Evans Education - Student Kit

Also included in the price of the program, every student will receive this amazing tool kit!

Pack includes:

  • Timesaver Brush
  • Tail Comb
  • Bigtail Comb
  • Curve Comb
  • Padding Mix
  • Bungee Tape
  • Linen Thread
  • Rose Gold Sewing Needle
  • Wave Clips
  • Secret Bands
  • Hairnets
  • Gold Playing Cards
  • Deluxe Carry Bag
  • Calico Tote Bag

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