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Our Bobby pins are made from high grade steel that will not fatigue like cheaper metal pins. This means a stronger more reliable grip to hold the hair.

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Revolutionary Styling Tools

Welcome to the premier destination for top-tier hair styling tools and expert education—Lorna Evans. With more than 10,000 satisfied customers and over 5,000 students transformed by our comprehensive styling courses, we are steadfast in our commitment to unmatched quality and performance. Whether you're a seasoned professional stylist or a novice eager to master the art of hair styling, our meticulously crafted products and education programs are designed to guarantee excellence and success with every strand. Trust Lorna Evans to elevate your styling skills with precision, innovation, and utmost care.






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Expert Sessions

Hands-On Workshops

Join Lorna in a personal, interactive classroom setting for a hands-on workshop designed to revolutionise the way you approach hair styling. Our interactive sessions are founded on the principle that hands-on experience, combined with visual learning, dramatically increases retention and understanding. In fact, studies have shown that you're 90% more likely to remember what you've learned when you see it and then do it.

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Interactive Learning

Online Education

Education at your fingertips 24/7 with our online platform, the COLLECTIVE, fondly referred to as "The Recipe Book of Hairstyles." This extensive online education hub features more than 100 tutorials, each accompanied by head sheets and notes to enhance your learning experience. By uploading your work, you can receive personalised certificates, recognising your dedication and progress in mastering the art of hair styling.

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Student Program

If you're an RTO offering Certificate II or Certificate III in Hairdressing, you'll be thrilled with our student program and toolkit, which are mapped to the "Create Classic Hair Up" and "Braiding" units.

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Style with Confidence

Confidence begins with the right tools and knowledge. Our meticulously designed styling tools and educational resources empower you to explore and execute stunning hair styles with confidence and ease.

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  • Unmatched Quality

    Every tool is precision-designed for performance & durability.

  • Cutting-Edge Tools

    Our tools are designed to make styling easier and faster.

  • Master Your Craft

    Gain access to world class online and hands on education.

  • Community Support

    Interact with like-minded stylists. Join our FREE Facebook group.


I have learnt lots of new techniques that I have been able to remember how to do them and replicate on a mannequin or client during the week between class days. I have a renewed enthusiasm and the confidence to show what I can do. Before I would take a safer approach towards my work in case the result was not right.......Now I know the final result will ROCK!!

Danielle Murrihy

Had been searching for a worthwhile hair up styling course and finally found Lorna Evans Long Hair Stylingand Photo shoot via styleicons. It sounded great and travelled interstate to attend 4 sessions and it was the best thing I ever did!! I learnt more in those 4 days than all my other courses put together!! Great investment I had finally found the ultimate hairstylist whose experience and vision is second to none and taught me everything I had been searching for!!! You need to book this course quick, felt very privileged!!! Thank you Lorna xxxx

Mary Tannous

Lorna has impeccable patience and a wealth of knowledge. Her passion oozes onto others. Her assistants were very approachable, very hands on and made the days run smoothly. Can’t wait to join your next workshop.

Nicolleta Cananz

Doing Lorna's course over the past four weeks has taught me lots of tips and tricks to bring back to the salon. I have a new found enthusiasm and my anxiousness of long hair styling has been cured! I have loads more confidence and a more relaxed approach now dealing with long hair. This course was very hands on and everything was explained so simple, Lorna's way of teaching made everything so easy. I'd recommend this course to anyone wanting to expand their long hair knowledge. Thank-you so much Lorna, enjoyed every minute x

Melisa Moustakas

Honestly the BEST experience I have had so far!!! Working on all these looks in class was amazing 🙂 You are my inspiration Lorna and have given me an excellent learning experience. I would love to say THANK YOU!!! Much love x

Hope Duke

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