2013 Photo shoot 3 Day Workshop – Colour Aberration

2013 Photo shoot 3 Day Workshop – Colour Aberration

Colour Aberration Photoshoot Workshop

In September our 3 day Photoshoot workshop

class produced some of the most incredible images.

Thank you to our guest speakers who were

instrumental in helping the team to achieve such

an amazing outcome.

There has already been an enormous amount of interest from around the world.

This talented class will also have access to these incredible images for marketing and in

salon promotions.

Go to our Collections page to see the amazing Colour Aberration images.

The team: Mentored by Lorna Evans- Ainsley Winnell – Ashlea Aitken – Kyleen Phillip

Connie Giaquinto-  Connie Raniolo Jena Pinn – Kyanne Wagensveld – Toni Ratcliff

Nicole Habenschuss- Stecey Poson – Tiffany DeCaux

Photographer Peter Coulson

 Make-up : Caroline Olweny                Stylist : Elaine Marshall