Brad  Ngata’s: Hot Blow-Drying Tips

Brad Ngata’s: Hot Blow-Drying Tips

How lucky were we to have guest artist Brad Ngata on Instagram Live for our special occasion hair education to share his hot blow drying tips!

Creating a big bouncy blow dry is something I know many of you would love to achieve. Hence, here are some of his hot blow-drying tips.

Yet getting down the basics can be really hard to master.

Fear not we have the amazing Brad to the rescue as he shares how we can achieve that professional finish without killing our shoulders and taking way too long.

Products Used:

Sulphate free Volumising shampoo & Conditioner
Texture Powder
Sea salt Spray

Equipment Used:

Timesaver Brush
Bigtail Comb
GlamPal Hair Dryer


  1. Shampoo the hair twice with volumising shampoo and only condition from mid length to ends.
  2. Before blow-drying, work out the growth patterns of the hair so you can plan the best direction to section the hair.
  3. Using the Bigtail Comb section off the hair in sections as long as the barrel on the Timesaver brush in a zigzag shape Tip: Sectioning in a zigzag motion helps get deep in the hair and gives a great foundation.
  4. Spray Sea Salt spray at the roots only. Tip: ONLY section by section DO NOT apply all the way though the hair or you will find it hard to work on the last few sections.
  5. Using The Timesaver Brush take your long section and give it a good brush to gather all the hair in the same direction.
  6. Using the GlamPlam Hair Dryer, blow-dry the section. Tip: To lessen strain in your shoulders, blow dry in front of the client in the opposite direction. This will also push the hair and gives more volume.
  7. For extra volume clip the hair up to cool or pop in a Velcro roller before moving onto the next section.
  8. Apply texture powder only at the roots.
  9. Use the Bigtail Comb to comb through and dress.
  10. Apply a little hairspray to finish.

Hot Tips when Blow Drying

1. Blow dry the hair in the angle that the hair would sit working on in a base setting direction.

See the diagram for on base sectioning

Please note most stylists think over directing the hair will give maximum volume but this is NOT the case, to create maximum volume you need to work with on base sections.

2. Do not settle on one heat when using your blow-dryer. Mix between high, medium and cool to dry the hair.
3. Avoid over drying the hair as this will result in straightening the hair and it will also start to fly off the brush making it hard to handle.
4. Work in Zigzag sections of the hair rather than in straight lines.
5. Do not blow dry fast motions & allow the hair to cool down.
6. For a longer lasting finish take your time to set up in clips or Velcro rollers.

Blow drying can be hard. Yet, with the right tools and products, you will be able to achieve a dream finish in no time.

Brad Ngata xxxxx