How long is too long to spend on a bride?

How long is too long to spend on a bride?

Exactly how long to spend on a bride is a great question and one that really needs to be talked about. 

Why? Because time is money.
Unless you’re styling hair for a hobby – and let’s look at the definition:

“An activity that someone does for pleasure when they are not working”

Then we need to make sure that, as a professional. you can earn what you’re worth! 

Some of the mistakes I see stylists make again and again are:

  • Failing to factor in the prep time for naturally curly or frizzy hair 
  • Say no (or even forget!) it’s okay, I won’t charge extra to prep all your hair extensions. By the way – we should also be the stylist ordering and charging retail price for any extensions that are needed. After all, we’re the professionals and we know exactly what colour, length and type is best. 
  • I personally LOVE Amazing Hair Australia. Tell them I recommended you and they’ll look after you! 
  • Not being honest about the fact that some looks just take longer to create. If you have a client with loads of hair wanting vintage waves, will this take you longer? HELL YES! 

We also need to know when to stand back from your work and STOP!

If you’ve given yourself a timeframe, stick to it (within reason)! It’s so easy to keep fiddling, and my pet hate, adding more and more hairspray.

Have you ever noticed that when you stop, BREATH and stand back from your work, you can always see what needs to be tweaked? 

Is your work balanced?
Can you see ANY PINS?
Are there flyaway hairs? 

I can’t emphasise this point enough – SERIOUSLY. When you do this I promise you will turn your work from good to GREAT!

You also need to keep control of the wedding party. Make sure in your consultation time you make it clear that you need the WHOLE wedding party to have super clean, dry hair BEFORE you arrive.

Wedding parties are FUN and I personally love them, but WOW in the early days I had loads of nightmare stories: dirty hair, wet hair, Nana on the phone from overseas so I couldn’t start the hair for 45 minutes, bridesmaids in tears because they don’t want to wear the look the bride wants, Mum is late because she is BUSY, and so many more.

I’m sure you have heaps you could add to my list (please let us all know in our Facebook group, we would love to help you!

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