How much do you charge for bridal hair?

Should I charge the same as the salon or stylist in my area? Exactly how much do you charge for bridal hair?

How about travel time and product, how do I factor that in? 
Do I charge for my time or my skill?

If you have ever asked this question (and seriously I have been asked these questions hundreds of times – you’re not the only one!) then you need to have a look at my NEW Build Your Business Planner. 

It’s designed to work out what YOU should charge for a bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride and flower girl. It will even help you work out how to charge for travel, how to factor in your skill level and you can even send your bride an invoice!

I have set a quick series of questions to help you determine what skill level you’re at in the industry and what you’re currently charging for your time. This helps us quickly determine the recommended minimum amount you should be charging to look after a bridal party!

Then it’s on to BUILDING your business! And like ALL businesses, it takes work and money to market your amazing services and continue your long hair styling training. 

But how much should I spend on marketing and training? 

Glad you asked! My program will guide you all the way and help you plan by giving you multiple recommended budgets based on your predicted income for the year!

But I’m not tech savvy! 
There is NO need to worry! I have made the planner SUPER EASY to use, and if you do have any questions please 

join my closed Facebook group Lorna Evans Education Students Connect. 

I will be there to answer all your questions plus online bridal hair courses too.

The program is a one off fee of ONLY $49.00 

And the unlimited support is totally FREE!


Before you purchase your planner, would you like to join me for a FREE webinar on one of the hottest braids of 2019? 


Join me live on September 9th 10AM-12PM.

I’ll share my Bubble Braid and 3 ways to use it in your salon.

PLUS I will walk you though the Build Your Business Planner so you can get the most out of it. 

Cant watch it live?
That’s okay, I’ll send you the link to watch the replay. And don’t forget, you can ask the questions in our closed Facebook group.