How we created the Magnetic Styling Belt with Scissor loops

How we created the Magnetic Styling Belt with Scissor loops

Want to know why and how I invented and produced the WORLDS first Magnetic tool belt?

After working with a tool belt for many years I got frustrated that they were never long enough to hold a can of hairspray as well as my bushes and combs, so I pulled out a pencil and piece of paper and started to sketch out my dream hairdressers tool belt.


Once I worked out the size and the shape, I then made it up in calico and pretended to work with it.


I had my magnetic bobby pin band on and suddenly thought what if I could have a magnetic strip on the front of the bag that could hold the pins that I was not using RIGHT at that moment BUT would be sitting at my fingertips when I needed them next.

OMG I seriously could NOT SLEEP that night!

This really changed the way I set myself up for styling, the pins I was using were on my magnetic wrist band and then I could swap them for the next when I needed them, so simple but totally life changing.

After I had my design, we had a holiday in Bali and I had such a lovely time going back and forth to the bag maker till I was totally happy with the finished product.

Once we got home NOW THE hard work began, I had to find a quality bag maker who would make them consistently high quality.

We are super proud to say that we have been working with the same family business who make all our leather and vegan tool belts and wrist bands for over 5 years.

We now have them in 3 colours and in 2021 we added 3 scissor pouches to the belt and added a NEW tan leather colour.

I hope you LOVED my little story on how I invented our tool belt, it goes to show if you have a unique idea you should go for it!!

Never copy always create something new and exciting.

My LOVE is to…..

 Find the problem – solve the problem

Happy Styling

Lorna xxxx