Hi everyone, I wanted to share a fun and successful team meeting we held with our two salons. Our first team meeting of 2016 was a celebration of the year we had just experienced together and an opportunity to plan for an exciting year ahead. This year marks my 25th year as a salon owner. Like many salon owners, I have learned a lot. I've made some great decisions and some not-so-great ones too. There were times when I considered giving it all up to work for someone else. However, thankfully, the positive times have far outweighed the negatives. I have cherished watching my team grow and our salons thrive.

When creating the agenda for our year's first meeting, I focused on what constitutes a happy team. After all, happiness in our team reflects in our work. As is commonly understood, like children, we require boundaries and rules to foster happiness. Without them, life would descend into chaos.

Years ago, I might have avoided setting firm boundaries and tolerated negative attitudes. There's truth in the saying, "We teach what we accept." Now, I choose not to accept poor attitudes in our salons, and the difference this decision has made to both myself and my team has been profound. I plan to elaborate on this transformation in my next blog post, "How to Turn a Bad Attitude into a Positive Attitude."

While developing this meeting's agenda, I reflected on all the resources I have utilized, amazed at how much I've learned by investing in and educating myself. Consequently, I've decided to write this blog to spread the love.

Here are my ideas on creating an engaging team meeting that fosters positivity and guides your staff toward the best possible outcomes for the salon, and ultimately, for themselves.


  • Our Dream Salon & Team Education Planning


  • Things you will need:
    • Dream cards from
    • Flip chart paper and pens
    • A plate of nibbles