Magnetic Styling Belt Saves the Day!

Magnetic Styling Belt Saves the Day!

After attending one of Lorna’s 4 day workshops, I knew I needed to get the magnetic styling belt, which has now been lovingly renamed in our salon as the ‘go faster belt!’

It’s a great tool that helps with hair ups and styling. Everything you need is on hand – priceless.


Picture a busy Saturday in the salon or doing special occasion hair education with a bridal party of 6 booked in with a senior stylist and myself. All consultations have been carried out and appointment have been allocated. Then your colleague calls in sick! I now have a bridal party coming into the salon and have to look after all of them in a small allocated time slot.

I get my magnetic styling belt on, arm my assistant with a wand and supplies, and we’re off!

The Magnetic Styling belt is a timesaver that puts everything at your fingertips.
Ideal for the busy stylist in the salon or on location.
Large enough to hold everything you need to create a magnificent upstyle.
Hairsprays, brushes, combs, clips and best of all its magnetised so all your pins are close at hand.
A perfect partner to our Magnetic Bobby pin wristband

The belt enabled me to have all my tools on me, and cut down pinning time. The time saving techniques learnt from Lorna helped me avoid disaster. Luckily the bride was the last in and was none the wiser until she asked where my colleague was.

Thanks Lorna – your amazing belt and techniques saved the day!