WELTEC hit the ground running with the exclusive School Program and tool kit

WELTEC hit the ground running with the exclusive School Program and tool kit

It’s clear from the pictures here that these New Zealand stylists and make-up artists have hit the ground running using my exclusive School Program and tools kit.

Mapped to the ‘Create Hair Up’ and the ‘Braiding’ units and only available through RTO’s, the Lorna Evans Education Exclusive School program has been rolled out to apprentices, VETIS students, make-up students and screen and media students. 



We were over the moon that Weltec’s Head of Education, Wanda Menchi, thought outside of the box and found added value of the program to deliver it as a short course. A complete sell-out, she aimed it at full time hairdressing students, make-up artists and senior stylists who were given access to the online program.This short course was led by award-winning stylist, Angela Enoka, who patiently and professionally guided the students and gave them increased confidence to create some amazing work.Angela told me as the students were given their bag of professional styling tools on day one, the excitement in the room was ELECTRIC! They were keen to get started and went on to spend 15 hours over the course of five weeks learning how to prepare, practice and present classic Chignons and twists, vintage rolls, waves, braids and buns.Angela said she could have easily spent two full days covering and emphasising the importance of prep but as there was only a 3-hour window, this was condensed to highlight the main points prep but fully backed up by the tutorials in the online program.


“Having the full online library showing every scenario of preparation was fabulous” Angela said.So with the prep-work under their belts, the students were given homework to watch the video tutorials and download the head sheets and notes in readiness for the second session the following week. It was here when they would work together in class to recreate the looks.Over the course of the next few weeks, the students learned how to create beautiful looks easier and faster with the help of the right tools and my unique techniques.After the completion of each look, they uploaded their work into our assessment section of the program and in turn we sent them personalised certificates for each and every look – just imagine how full their portfolio will be!Wanda is keen to run a second short course soon which I am thrilled about.


“As well as using the Lorna Evans Education Package for our full time hairdressing students at both Weltec and Whitireia, WelTec ran a special Long Hair Short Course. The Short Course was aimed at current and past Make-up Artistry students, hairdressers and hairdressing apprentices in the community. Make-up Artists in New Zealand are required to have hairdressing skills so the course was a perfect complement to their learning.Angela Enoka led the course and was an amazing asset with her patience, professionalism and her own fine hairdressing skills.We received very good feedback from the participants and they all said how they learned a lot, even the make-up students who had not had much practice in hair.
The students particularly liked being able to refer to the on-line videos at any time to assist them and loved the kits they received as part of the package. They also commented on how they enjoyed learning how to prepare the hair for each look and how they came to appreciate how important this is.We are looking forward to running the course again soon.”Nga mihi nuiWanda Menchi
Programme Manager, Cosmetology
Wellington Institute of Technology & Whitireia Community Polytechnic.