Conflicting Alignment

Conflicting Alignment

Feelings of antagonism and struggle between tough elegance and the fragility of femininity.

Textural and whimsical, yet powerful and sophisticated.  Colourless……..

Mentored By Lorna Evans

Assisted by Amber White

Photography by Jason Lau

Styling By Gabrielle Stephens Designer – Collecting Pretty Boys

Makeup by Melissa Maier

Hair Stylists –

Daphne Savage,
 Ayla Farrawell,
 Frith Krueger, Lynn Jaconelli,

Mariana Coco, Victoria Padman,
 Julie Christopher, Rhiannon Blake,

Josie Torzillo, Abby Schofield, May Vern Lee

Models: Britney K, Yasemin I, Tyler M, Ellie Jeffery, Steph Phillip, Steph Dixon, Lorin Kauffeld