5 Steps to Achieving a Clean Section of Hair

5 Steps to Achieving a Clean Section of Hair

How to take long sections of hair?

Have you ever struggled to control super thick long hair? 
Have you ever felt like you end up with messy sections and hair all over the place? 

Here is my 5 steps to achieving a clean section of hair:

1. Using my Bigtail comb take a section only 1 to 2 inches from where you want to start

2. Pop your comb down and using your thumb and index finger run them down the section

3. Pinch your finger at the end and hold onto the hair between your fingertips 

4. Roughly push the remaining hair away from the section that you are working on 

5. Pick up your Bigtail comb again and using the tail like it is a pen straighten up the section you took with your fingers

This technique is also great if you want to learn how to section thick hair for curling 

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